Work party, conference or wedding: The right venue is key!

Whether you’re planning a work do, a conference, a wedding, an awards ceremony or a networking event, you need to make sure you pick the right venue.

And the right venue can make a huge difference to how someone will feel about your event.

Let’s talk about weddings first: A big wedding hall or hotel might be perfect for some people, but if you’re trying to do something simple with a few close friends and family, it’s not ideal. You’ll end up feeling like ‘the bride’ surrounded by hundreds of strangers. If you’re looking for the private specialist option, then a small intimate function room is more what you need.

The same applies to conferences: Some business events are so large that there is no other choice than to use a major city conference centre or exhibition centre (and they’re great if they’ve got everything you need). But many smaller companies would prefer to stick to a tighter budget. And if you find yourself in one of those conferences that are too large, you might want to move up (or down) a notch.

If the event involves food and drink – such as a conference or exhibition – there’s more to think about than just where you’ll be sitting and saying hello to people who pass by. You need to work out exactly what is needed for the audience, given their size and your budget. And whether it is possible to get all that onsite, or whether some of it will have to come from off-site, via catering companies.

Let’s say you need to book venues Coventry, there are plenty of versatile venues to consider. Before you start looking at venues in Coventry, check if the party has any specific requirements and interests. Is it going to be more about dancing or sitting? Are there any other activities planned like team building games? Or maybe karaoke nights? Once you have specified what kind of venue you are after, just think if the space offered by a caterer is enough for everyone. You can also spare a thought for the atmosphere you would like to create.

The venue where you organise a wedding reception is a different story. It is not only about whether it looks nice or is large enough. It should also be designed in such a way that people are able to feel comfortable being there. Think about what activities guests will engage in while at the event venue. How do you want them to feel?

So what’s our main takeaway when choosing a venue?

Think about your guests!