When you choose your wedding dress, you always start with the silhouette. Do you want the princess look, or something more daring? The silhouette is the general shape of your dress and it’s the most essential feature to focus on – everything else will come after. The gown’s shape is its foundation – choose the wrong kind and everything else will just fall out of place.


When you start your search for wedding dresses, you should also take into account your body shape and not just the current trends or if a silhouette looks good on a model or celebrity.

There are basically 4 kinds of wedding dresses silhouettes: the Ball Gown, the A-Line, the Sheath, and the Mermaid.

1. The Ball Gown – This silhouette is the most traditional and characterized by a fitted bodice, a cinched natural waistline, and a full, voluminous skirt. This is the very shape that will give you that princess look – ideal for pear-shaped women but not recommended for petites since it can overwhelm small frames.

2. The A-Line – This silhouette is called such because the shape of the dress resembles that of the letter “A.” It is described by a narrow bodice that flares along the lower part of the body, creating a slim tent shape. This is ideal for pear shaped individuals and just about any body type.

3. The Sheath – The sheath is characterized with a slim shape that closely follows the curves of the body. It’s great for hourglass figures, as well as petite frames.

4. The Mermaid – This silhouette is the best option for women with curves as it has a form-fitting bodice, cinched waist, and hip-hugging shape. The fitted part of the body can reach down to the knee, where a skirt either flares parallel to the shoulder, or expands to create a voluminous shape. This is not ideal for pear-shaped or apple-shaped women as it emphasizes the waist and hips.

When making your choice of wedding dresses, always take into consideration your body type so you can choose the best silhouette for your body.