A wedding is one of those important moments of one’s life. Ladies in particular would like to remember it as their most special day and a good number of women spend their lives picturing a fairy tale wedding. While it’s hard to guarantee that one will have a perfect wedding, it pays to try and make it almost perfect.
maldives-698501_1280This basically means that the bride and groom need to be prepared to make it a success. You have to put in some work to make sure that the wedding day goes according to plan. Here is a wedding checklist that you can use as an outline for your big day.

Have a realistic budget
The truth of the matter is that weddings are synonymous with extravagant budgets. In some ways, the bloated budgets are understandable considering the significance of the occasion. That said, it doesn’t have to be the case. The best way to go about it is to have a realistic budget. Couples need to work with a stipulated budget and make sure everything they dream of falls within that. Working with a professional wedding planner can help you find classy affordable options that meet your needs.

Get the rings early
The rings are designed to seal the deal as far as the wedding is concerned. For this reason you should get them early enough and ensure that they fit properly before the wedding day.

Invited guests
The size of the wedding depends on how many guests are likely to attend and this is why it is essential to come up with the wedding list in advance. The guest list has a direct effect on the budget. Couples need to come up with the sitting arrangement of the wedding beforehand, and this is easier when the bride and groom have a good idea on how many guests are to be invited. Once you have an established guest list, couples have to make sure that the guests get their invitations on time.

Post wedding plans
Most couples go on a honeymoon shortly after the wedding is over. Plans for the honeymoon need to be made before the wedding. Couples often have the choice of discussing it together or it could remain a surprise. That’s your decision! Whatever the case, both parties need to have all the relevant travel documents ready. Reservations should also be made in advance especially if you are going to a popular destination.Much as this list is not exhaustive, but it is a great template that any couple planning for a wedding should use when they start organising their big day.