Top tips for planning your first work Christmas party

Are you thinking of planning a work Christmas party? Is it your boss who wants to give his employees a good Christmas meal? Or do you want just to know what to expect from the Christmas party? Whatever the reason, this article will give you five tips to make your first work Christmas party go as planned.


If you have a festive time over Christmas, then you are almost certainly going to deliver alcohol to your guests, which work Christmas party would be complete without a few drinks? It is advisable not to offer your guests “schnapps” or “spirits”, beer and wine are good enough for a work function. The reason is that it prevents people from getting drunk too quickly. Generally, the staff will see the free liquor from the boss or the company as an invitation to drink a lot and quickly. Limiting the amount of alcohol they can drink in a short time reduces the problems of excessive alcohol consumption. Remember, you are the host who provides the alcohol, and so you carry some of the responsibility associated with serving the liquor.


A thematic Christmas party is always good idea if you’re thinking long and hard about christmas party ideas London, because it unites people in a common goal. There is no employee / boss relationship when everyone is dressed up as a superhero! Another theme is a big icebreaker that calms guests from the start of the party and provides the focus and direction for the event. If the stress or financial constraints associated with sorting out a great costume are too high, think of a “bad taste theme” or a colour theme for your Christmas diet, we’ve considered all the clothes in our closet as “bad taste.”, correct?

Renting of equipment

If you have a Christmas party, there is a possibility that you need equipment hire. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you may need some heaters for features outside. In the Southern Hemisphere, you may need to rent shades to keep it from getting too hot. In addition to these items, you will also need wallpapering tables, bar tables, bar-serving equipment, adequate seats and much more. Your Christmas catering company will be able to help you with all these needs and more.


You may be fortunate enough to have some willing people to serve drinks and help set up and dismantle your staff’s Christmas party, if not, then it’s a good idea to hire some service staff to take care of all this. Professional catering staff are trained in alcohol handling and have the training and experience to cope with most situations should they occur. Service personnel should cost between twenty-five and forty dollars an hour, which means they’re a great investment for a few hundred dollars. We recommend a wait / bar staff per 30 guests to make sure all staff get the right attention.


Finally, if you are planning a corporate Christmas function or staff party, it is important that you get the right caterer. You need to engage an experienced catering professional with experience in the functions of the staff. Talk to your caterer to rate your exact requirements based on your budget, you may not want to go for a sit, roast turkey style feature, but opt ​​for a barbecue or canapés with pasta boxes instead. You need to make sure that you have enough to eat, especially if you are serving alcohol because guests get drunk faster on an empty stomach than on a full one. It’s also a good idea to eat something right from the start of the staff Christmas party so that people do not consume alcohol first with catering two hours later. A few scattered plates, gourmet bread, crackers and dips are an example of how to bring the guests to dinner and drink alcohol.