Top Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

After a year of restrictions and limitations as to visiting family members, one way to make up for lost time this summer, when gathering restrictions have lifted, is to plan a family reunion. Visiting family is also getting safer with the quick roll-out of vaccinations, but one way to keep safety, in mind is planning an outdoor event.

Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

1. Location- choose a location that in convenient for the majority of attending family members

2. Venue- choose a venue that has the space for a large outdoor gathering where people can be spaced out

3. Budget- decide on a budget and how the event will be funded

4. Guest List- be sure to make a detailed guest list, have other family members assist you so that no one is left out

5. Entertainment- if you have a small budget, plan some fun games or even check for affordable local entertainments like a photo booth or amusement games

All in all, the important thing is to enjoy some quality time with family after such a long time apart and a family reunion is an excellent way to get everyone together.