Steps to creating a Bohemian wedding

There are many styles of weddings, and that’s why it is so important to know the style you love before you start planning your big day. Bohemian weddings are becoming more popular over recent years, so we have compiled a list to help guide you through planning your own bohemian wedding day:

The Dress- this usually is free and flowing, with lace and details. The material can be natural, helping you connect with nature.

Hair- With plaits and soft waves being the preferred choice, adding greenery and flowers helps set this look off.

The decoration- creating an area of natural elements, including dream catchers, lots of wildflowers, and decorative throws and rugs make for the perfect setting for a bohemian wedding.

The flowers- the flower choice is certainly what helps set your bohemian wedding above the rest, choosing lots of greenery and wildflowers galore.

We hope this list has helped get you started with your own wedding planning.