Stages of planning an awards ceremony

It is well known that planning is very important to a successful awards ceremony, and this ties in perfectly with the saying that goes ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’.

Therefore, we are going to go through some of the key stages of planning for an awards ceremony.

Writing a brief

For those first time award ceremony organisers, the initial stage is usually the planning and of course this is very essential. You are just trying to brief what the reason for this ceremony is and what you hope to achieve out of the ceremony at the end of the day. So it’s important to really identify your goals. Once this has been done and you have a good idea on what you’d like to achieve, you can begin identifying the kind of guests you are expecting, the number and also type of content delivered on that day.

Set the budget

Obviously while setting the budget for the ceremony the organiser is advised to try and stick to his or her own financial lane, meaning they should not stress themselves using the money on the expensive aspects which cannot be easily afforded and go with things that they are able to buy comfortably.

Choose a venue

The correct number of people and the budget allocated for the ceremony are essential and these determinant factors will help you choose a venue. It is advisable that whilst planning for the awarding ceremony, the place chosen should give the guests a breathtaking scene that they will remember for years to come. Whether the venue is a marquee in a country setting, a lavish building in London or a high-end hotel in your local town centre, it’s important it’s dressed appropriately and staffed well for your guests to enjoy.

Pick a theme

Besides this event just being an awarding ceremony, which is really just a few hours so not too long, there should also be a theme for the day which can entertain the guests and also give them a sense of purpose whilst they are at the ceremony. There’s a little sense of community when you have a theme because people often have to step outside of their comfort zone and they will naturally strike up conversions with other guests, so it really helps with the smooth running of the event, on a professional and personal scale.


With this being an awarding ceremony then you should know the type of entertainment that will impress, whether that be a band, a DJ or a comedian. There are lots of ways you can make this event fun, memorable and engaging, and it doesn’t just have to be a typical awards s=ceremony where you listen to people talk for a few hours.


With all things set and made very good decisions, the awards will be availed and the ceremony will have a beautiful end because of the planning and the hard work put on the ceremony.