When planning your wedding, there are some vital things that are nice to know coupled with advice that is so essential that any brides need to hear. There are indispensable planning secrets that that would help you plan a wedding of your lifetime.


Take a look below of our wedding tips:

1. Your Guests Cone First

You need to get a grip on the approximate number of guests that you will invite, before settling on the venue. This will ensure that there is quite ample space for your crew. It is by the general acceptance that 25-30 feet be allocated per a single guest.

2. Listen to the Mother Nature

Heed the weather and any other potential annoyances. Guests have been known to skip out early from the hotter-than-hot summer tent weddings and the improperly heated winter loft receptions. Consider renting peat control tanks to alleviate the problem. You can as well include bug repellent in guest’s gift bags.

3. Investigate Wedding Blackout Dates

You ought to know ahead of time if your wedding date may fall on the same day as a trade conference, any charity walk, or other local events that could affect the traffic and hotel room availability.

4. Check your credit

Take the advantage of the high cost of wedding and sign up for a credit card with rewards program. Consolidate all the wedding related purchases to this card as it will help you accumulate thousands of rewards.

5. Lighten your List

Cut your wedding budget by trimming up your guest list. In most cases, half of your wedding expenses goes to wining and dining your guest.

6. Pay it Forward

Let one vendor lead you to another. Your wedding photographer can tell you which florist blooms really pop and your reception manager should know which band packs the dance floor.

7. Get organised and Focused

Compile all your correspondences with the vendor, note you make during meeting and photos or tear sheets from magazines that you would want vendors to see. Set up a special email r numbers in to address dedicated for your wedding and store the important vendor numbers in your cell phone.