Just how important is the wedding cake?

There are certain items on the wedding agenda that need a lot of consideration. Choosing the right caterer, photographer, decorator and ring all come into that. So too does the choice of cake. Choosing the right cake for your wedding can be a daunting task; it needs to reflect your personality but it also needs to look the part too. A great looking wedding cake can cost a considerable amount of money, and that’s another reason why you should get it right the first time!

There are certain aspects you’ll need to consider. Firstly, the decorations on the outside. Choose a design that grabs attention, looks great beneath the spotlight and carries subtle hints about you and your husband or wife. Once you know how you want it to look, you’ll need to think about how it tastes. We recommend you choose the flavours you both love, so long as they’re neutral enough to please most of your guests.