How to make a dull wedding venue look amazing

Most wedding venues in the UK are incredibly expensive, and sometimes people choose a location that is a little friendlier on the wallet. That’s perfectly fine and dandy, but it can mean that there are a few downsides, such as the way the building looks, the location and how it’s presented.

So if you’ve just booked a venue that’s nice and spacious which doesn’t cost a bomb, you may not love the condition of the rooms, the décor and the furniture, but there are always ways to make the rooms like more ‘you’. With beautiful chair covers, fairy lights, photo frames, books, vintage suitcases and other decorations, you can divert attention away from the bad bits to the good bits! Dull wedding venues always look a lot better when you get your decoration in there and add a personal touch, so don’t always be put off when you first walk into the room for a viewing.