Are you stressed just at the thought of planning your event?

You can never start planning too soon. The sooner the better, get your ideas nailed, getting your schedule taking shape. For a larger scale event you need to give yourself 4-6 months minimum, don’t leave yourself short of time, it will get stressful. Research is key, use the early days looking into the kind of event you want to hold.

Create a timeline ASAP giving yourself deadlines. This works much better than an open-ended To-Do List. When do certain decisions need to be made/jobs done to keep you on track?

Don’t take on all duties yourself. Make sure you have help. There will be too much to do and remember for 1 person.

Stick to your budget, be strict and learn to negotiate. Don’t let the excitement of the event loosen the purse strings. Most suppliers will be prepared to negotiate but make sure you have a backup in case your negotiations are rejected.