Hello and welcome to Bohoweddingsandevents.co.uk – a site that’s specially made for happy couples planning their big day. There’s no doubt about it, a wedding is one of the biggest events that a bride (and even the groom) look forward to from the moment the big question is popped.


Your friends and family also anticipate and have very high expectations for your wedding day, the food, the gown, the flowers, overall setting and every other small details, and we’re here to answer any question you may have about the planning process. Looking on our site you’ll find plenty of helpful information, and these are just some of the examples we love writing about:

The first dance –  A great opportunity for you to entertain and shock your guests. Attend a dancing class prior to your wedding and learn a well-choreographed dance that will excite your guests and get everyone indulged in a lively dance party. You might also think about setting a specific area for kids where they can play and have fun while their parents focus on the proceedings of the wedding. The kids can be engaged with painting or toys and have a babysitter look after them so that they don’t cause distractions.

Great Food  – It keeps the guests happy and fueled throughout the ceremony. A cheese station or a risotto station would be great as people get to select their own sauces and toppings for customized meals. For the after party, some late-night munchies and a coffee bar would keep everyone fed and energized for the party. Everyone loves surprises, pleasant surprises. Plan for something that your guests are not expecting; like a salsa dancer or even a mariachi band. The best time for the surprise would be during the reception or the cocktail hour.

Entertainment and Photography – We often suggest that couples hire a band or a DJ that never runs out of songs, engaging conversations and activities in between. Finally, a professional and experienced photographer is an integral part of the wedding as he or she will be responsible for recording the whole event and capture every moment. With some great photography ideas, you can take some amazing shots that remind of the wedding years to come.