What to look for in a wedding photographer

There are probably hundreds of wedding photographers in your area, but only a small number will be full time wedding photographers who are booked every single weekend, and possible some weekdays. To find a truly professional photographer it’s important to look out for a couple of things on their website:

Their experience

Do they show they’ve photographed lots of weddings, state they have 10+ years experience or admit they’re new to the field? Honesty is always good and a good photogrpaher who’s confident in his or her ability will be comfortable talking about their experience.

Their photos

Do they have 10 nice photos, 100 fabulous photos or just 3? A good photographer will have lots of photos to share, so a website without much content may be a sign they’re not the finished article just yet. We advise you opt for an individual with experince photogrpahing a range of weddings.

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Cringe Weddings – We’ve all been to them, right?

As much as I love weddings, I can be quite difficult to please, and all too recently I’ve had too many cringeworthy weddings. What is about them that makes me quiver? Well, I’ll talk you through the last one. The bride and groom must have walked into the shop and bought the first dress and tux they’d seen, it was traditional in every sense. Then when it rolled around to the speeches nobody did one! The best man didn’t even do a speech, it was awful! Following this, the bride and groomed danced to ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’ by Aerosmith, yes the one from Armageddon. Hasn’t that already been done? Nothing was original or special about this wedding, and I’m glad I never have to go though it again. Oh, and congrats to the happy couple.

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Getting a good deal on wedding photography

Prices for wedding photography can be extremely high, just it is for catering, cake baking, chair decorating, planning and management. That said, there are opportunities to save money and it’s all about looking in the right places. There are some great wedding photographers to be found on Gumtree, in local newspapers, on Facebook, or through a friend of a friend. Just by running one search on Google you may find that prices for a full day are well over £1,000, but the more you look elsewhere the more chance you have of finding a cheaper alternative. There is one problem with this, however, and that’s the fact that most photographers are expensive for a reason and most photographers who are cheaper, are cheap for a reason. So you should always look at the quality of their portfolio carefully. If you need a photographer for your wedding make sure you ask around and spend a good few days looking at different prices and portfolios in in your area, that way you’ll find an individual who is right for you and within your budget.

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How To Choose a Mobile bar Hire Effectively

Celebrations are a part of our life; we cry during problems and work hard. In the similar manner we celebrate when we achieve what we have set for ourselves in life. Also, there are a number of occasions that we have to witness and they are to be celebrated at any cost. However, if you are in such kind of mood then you should consider mobile bar hire for your complete responsibility of the party or the celebration. This is considered to the best and most comfortable while hosting a party for your friends and relatives.

These services can provide you assistance in every possible manner. You can get all the supplies equipments and other necessary services and it also includes front and back counters displays, soft drinks, wine, spirits, beer etc are provided with the help of drinks dispensers and till systems, glassware, fridge and other working staff. The staff of mobile Bar Hire Northampton includes a manager, some bartenders trained in various fields and some ladies as cocktail waitresses. This is the team that can make any small or big party a successful and enjoyable one. License is never an issue and you can easily have that and then there will be no more issues of serving alcohol at events. (more…)

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5 Reasons to get married abroad

Many women dream of getting married in a traditional church, perhaps not too far from their friends and family members, whilst others dream of travelling a lot further afield. It’s just down to the individual—and their husband of course!

We’re all for weddings in the sun, and we’re going to talk you through 5 advantages of getting married abroad.

  1. If it’s a beach resort, you can usually depend on the weather.
  2. Only your true friends and family members will come, as they will be the only ones to book the time off and save the money to be there on the happiest day of your life.
  3. It already feels like the honeymoon, so everyone tends to be a little more relaxed on the day.
  4. It can be a lot cheaper, but this will often depend on where you go.
  5. It will be nothing like the weddings of your friends, unless of course they all had theirs in the same location, which is highly unlikely.

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Themed work parties

I don’t know if it’s just us, but don’t work parties tend to be a lot more fun where there’s a theme? Whether it’s a 70s vibe, a Hollywood inspired party or a superhero theme, there always tends to be a lot more fun and energy at these types of parties, and it can make for fantastic group photos.

It can also put your company in a positive light, showing your customers and clients that you know how to have fun and know how to treat your employees. We’re big fans of themed parties, especially for work dos, which can sometimes be a little on the boring side. It gives you an opportunity to be creative, and create an atmosphere that gets everybody in the mood, so if you’d like to spice up your next work party, choose a theme!

You won’t regret it.

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